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Sleep Dentistry in Belmont

Happy Middle Aged WomanHave you ever felt nervous about going to the dentist? At Ascot Dental Care, we offer sleep dentistry services that create a dream-like sleep state, relaxing you so that you can feel calm during your procedure.

A Comfortable Dental Experience

Sleep dentistry combines a sedative and pain-relieving medications that are applied intravenously. When you wake, you generally will not have any memory of the treatment, and it feels as if little time has passed. Some even report a feeling of deep, satisfying sleep.

This option is useful for

  • Addressing complex dental problems in a single visit
  • Busy people who need multiple procedures at a single appointment
  • Carrying out more invasive treatment such as fitting dental implants or removing wisdom teeth without pain
  • Dental phobes and dental anxiety sufferers
  • Relieving the boredom involved in complex, longer sessions

Relax with Sleep Dentistry

If you would like to schedule an appointment or find out more about sleep dentistry, contact our team today. We offer a range of payment options for your treatment, including payment plans and accepting health funds.

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