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Dentures in Belmont

Middle Aged Man SmilingIf you’re missing teeth and wish to avoid more invasive procedures, the comfortable, custom-created dentures at Ascot Dental Care may be ideal for you. Studies support that your facial muscles require a set of healthy teeth to balance. Dentures, then, can help your overall health, appearance and wellbeing. Our patients enjoy regaining their confidence with restored smiles. We have years of experience and will walk you through your options before proceeding with any treatment.

Bringing Back Your Smile

Our dentures are of the highest quality. They can be made to closely resemble any existing teeth, making them unnoticeable. Full and partial dentures are available so that you can replace all teeth, the upper or lower teeth, or fill a smaller gap.
The base of your denture, or the plate, is made out of acrylic or plastic. It can be easily moulded to perfectly and securely fit the shape of your mouth. It may take up to a few weeks to feel used to your dentures. Our caring, skilled team will provide you with care instructions so that you can maintain your dentures.

Flexible Payment Plans

Contact us today to discuss your options or book an appointment! We accept health fund coverage and offer flexible payment plans.

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